The Rising Tide of Rent Increases in Australia: A Closer Look at Hervey Bay, QLD

Australia's property market has experienced a surge in rental prices, with more than 40% of house and unit markets across the country recording double-digit increases, according to CoreLogic's latest Property Pulse news. The trend is notable in Hervey Bay, QLD, where the real estate landscape is undergoing significant changes.


National Overview:

As of May 2023, almost 1,700 Australian suburbs have witnessed rental increases of 10% or more in the past year, despite a slight slowdown in the pace of growth. CoreLogic's digital Mapping the Market tool, now incorporating rental metrics, reveals that 44.4% of house and unit markets experienced substantial rental hikes, while 6.7% saw a decline in rents over the same period.

Key Insights for May 2023:

1. Narrowing Gap between House and Unit Rents:

The gap between median house and unit rents has narrowed to $60 per week across the combined capitals and $36 per week nationally. This shift indicates a more balanced rental market, where both housing options are in demand.

2. Increased Rental Supply:

In May 2023, 4,409 new rental listings were added to the market compared to April, contributing to a higher total rental supply. Despite this increase, new rental listings are still 11.0% below the previous five-year average. The total rental listings also remain significantly lower, at -33.3% below the long-term average.

3. Vacancy Rates on the Rise:

National vacancy rates, which hit a record low of 1.1% in April, increased to 1.2% in May. This uptick suggests a slight alleviation of the housing shortage, providing tenants with more options in the market.

Hervey Bay's Rental Landscape:

While the national trends paint a picture of increased rental prices and a tightening market, Hervey Bay, QLD, is not immune to these shifts.

1. Double-Digit Increases in Hervey Bay:

Like many other regions in Australia, Hervey Bay has experienced double-digit rental increases. The demand for rental properties in this picturesque coastal town has driven up prices, making it crucial for both tenants and landlords to navigate this changing landscape.

2. Impact on Local Residents:

The rental surge in Hervey Bay may have varying effects on the local community. For tenants, finding affordable housing becomes more challenging, while landlords may benefit from increased returns on their investments.

3. Navigating the Changing Market:

As the rental market continues to evolve, both tenants and landlords in Hervey Bay need to stay informed about local trends, government policies, and market dynamics. Seeking professional advice and exploring alternative housing options may be essential for those affected by the changing rental landscape.


Australia's rental market, marked by widespread double-digit increases, reflects the broader challenges faced by tenants and landlords. In Hervey Bay, the impact is felt on the local level, underscoring the need for adaptive strategies and informed decision-making. As the market continues to evolve, staying abreast of current trends and seeking professional guidance will be crucial for navigating the complex terrain of rental fluctuations.