How We Price Property To Optimise Your Sale In the Current Winter 2023 Market

In real estate, various types of pricing methods are used to determine the value and sale price of properties. The most common pricing methods include:

1. Listing Price: The listing price is the initial price set by the seller or the seller's real estate agent when the property is listed for sale. It represents the desired price for the property and can be negotiable.

2. Fixed Price: In some cases, a property may be advertised with a fixed price, meaning the seller has set a specific amount at which they are willing to sell the property. This price is typically not open to negotiation.

3. Auction: Auctions are a popular method of selling property. Potential buyers gather at a specific time and place, and the property is sold to the highest bidder. The final price achieved through the auction process is determined by competitive bidding among interested buyers.

4. Private Treaty or Private Sale: This pricing method involves negotiating directly with potential buyers, either through the seller or their real estate agent. The seller sets an asking price, and interested buyers submit offers. The seller then has the discretion to accept, reject, or negotiate the offers.

5. Tender or Expression of Interest (EOI): With this method, interested buyers submit sealed bids or proposals to the seller or their agent by a specified deadline. The seller reviews the bids and selects the one they find most favourable.

6. Price Range: Some properties are marketed with a price range rather than a fixed price. The range typically indicates the minimum and maximum price that the seller is willing to consider, allowing for negotiation within that range.

Here at One Agency Fraser Coast, we work with you to price your property, not only accurately but also to give you the very best opportunity to sell your property in a timely fashion.

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