Changes To Tenancy Laws In Queensland Regarding Pets In Rental Properties

As of 23 March 2021, new tenancy laws regarding pets came into effect in Queensland. These laws aim to make it easier for tenants to keep pets in rental properties.


Under the new laws, landlords must consider a tenant's request to keep a pet and can only refuse the request by applying to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and demonstrating that the pet would cause significant damage to the property, pose a threat to the health and safety of neighbours, or be prohibited by a law or regulation.


If the landlord agrees to allow the pet, they cannot charge a pet bond or increase the rent because of the pet. However, the tenant is still responsible for any damage caused by the pet during the tenancy.


It's important to note that these new laws only apply to new tenancy agreements signed on or after 23 March 2021. For existing tenancies, the previous rules still apply. Additionally, the new laws do not apply to short-term rental accommodations, such as holiday rentals or serviced apartments.


Overall, these new laws give tenants more rights when it comes to keeping pets in rental properties in Queensland, but landlords still have the ability to refuse a pet request in certain circumstances.


At One Agency Fraser Coast, we love our pets and understand tenants wanting to own a pet also. However, we prefer our tenants and property owners chat to us about the likelihood of having pets in a property prior to the pet arriving or a lease starting. By chatting with us we can ensure the property is suitable for certain pets and that any damage to a property by the pet can be limited and or managed.