Thinking Of Selling Your Property Without A Professional Real Estate Agent? You may need to consider these things...

Pricing a house for sale in our current market can be a complex process that involves considering several factors, including current market trends, location, property condition, and interest rates.  With rising interest rates and changing buyer activity here in Hervey Bay, it is essential that when you enter your property onto the real estate market it is done so in a manner that is correct for the property selling climate.


Whilst you may read success stories of homeowners selling their own properties and saving themselves the costs of a professional real estate agent, it is more often than not they would have made more money on their property regardless of commission if they had engaged an agent.


As real estate agents, we want you to be ready to list and have all the information available at you to do so with confidence, we also know the media can skew the stories they are telling to get more viewers/readers and this is incredibly frustrating to us.


It is our job to research current market trends and we do so daily. This information gives us ideas of what is in current demand and this therefore can impact price.


We also have professional tools available to us that enable an accurate snapshot of what your local area and homes similar to yours is worth. Walking through and getting to know your property also will assist us in pricing more accurately those homes that have standout additions that a generalised property valuation may not give.


Considering the condition of your property is also essential. Whilst you may love your 80’s style bathroom, buyers may not and this can impact the price they offer when factoring in future renovations.


Essentially, pricing your property too high can result in it staying on the market for longer, while pricing it too low could mean you miss out on potential profits. Therefore, it's essential to research and consider all the factors involved in pricing your property for sale. Doing this successfully means engaging a professional real estate agency with a track record of results.


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